Hooking Up Online Etiquette? 5 Rules You Should Follow


“Know the Rules Before clicking that hook me up button”

Although one night stand experiences often come spontaneously, there are a number of things that these people should consider. Talking about rules here may seem preposterous, but there should be a simple etiquette around which things should go. Talking about etiquette when it comes to sex may seem like trying to restrain freedom in a sense, since sex is something that should come out freely, without inhibitions if it has to be the kind of thrilling experience that one-nighters often look for. However, it is important to note that people are different, and they’ll handle the experiences differently. It is a fun experience, but it doesn’t have to be reckless. In fact, there are great resources that explain how to get laid online (like here: http://hookuponlinesites.com/tactics/) and dive into advanced hookup tactics that are very simple to implement! Here are simple things to make the experience worth remembering.

1. It’s All about Fun: But Do Not Be Reckless


“Internet dating is supposed to be fun, enjoy it”

The idea of no-strings attached can make a one night stand even yummier. You feel free to make it happen the way you want. Normally, people think like there’ll not be another time. This Kind of mindset can make you think like you can have sex anywhere, and anytime. Surveys show that most women who’ve had a one night stand always wake up the next day with regrets. At the moment, they felt so greatly attracted to the idea and to the man. Sometimes coworkers fantasize and develop the idea over a long period of time before finally making it come true. No matter the reason you want to have a one night stand, you should make up your mind to have as much fun as you want, but do not be reckless. Think also about things that may happen. You may be so much under the heat that you want to get into a toilet somewhere help each other. The idea could be thrilling, but think of the possibility of being exposed or caught having sex in a public toilet. Think about the fact that you can get pregnant, and ready your condom before it’s too late to hold. Especially if you hook up online, you’ll want to be sure that you take the necessary precautions; you do not know how many one night stands your sex partner may have had and the people he or she has sex with. It will not be a so-beautiful experience if you wake up days after with an STD.

2. Choose Your Partner Wisely


“Make sure you are hooking up with a right partner”

You do not just consent to a one night stand because there is someone ready to have sex. Make sure that the person with whom you hook up online is not married, and if he is, make sure you’re fine with it. You should not rush with your decision; besides, you’re not an animal. You are someone who thinks and who makes decisions logically. Make sure the man you choose for a one night stand shares the same ideas, vision, and sense of independence as you, especially if you have no hope of developing any relationship. Choose a wrong partner and you find the stuff on the internet, sex videos about you being shared on YouTube, or you may find yourself in the hands of a sex criminal. You have the responsibility to find out all you can about the guy before you say “yes” to a one night stand. You may have the itch to get laid, but if you take time to do more than rush into sex, you’ll not get any regrets about it.

3. Communicate Clearly and Openly


“An Open communication channel is the key”

If you think you want more than sex, you should make your intentions clear. It is not a crime to have a one night stand, and a second, and a third, and many more. Some relationships start that way. But you should share your expectations if you have any. You’ll be doing a great favor to yourself and your sex partner, and you’ll not have any regrets. Some people think that they can use sex to get love, and this can be a very bad habit . You cannot be so sure that the guy will want to see you again. If you’re just interested in sharing some moments of steamy sex, then you should not make things more complicated for you and the guy. It’s a sign of maturity and respect to set the rules of the game before you start. People are different and they’ll have different philosophies when it comes to sex. Do not make the guy feel or the woman feels like you’re using sex as a goal to get something else.

4. Choose a Neutral Setting

Except you’re already friends for a long time and know where each other lives, it is not a good idea to have a one night stand in your place. It’ll not also be a good idea to go to your friend’s place. Choosing a neutral place will make both of you feel safer and more open. You do not know what the person with whom you hook up online hides at his or her place, and you cannot say whether he or she will turn out to be the gentleman he’d seemed to be online or another monster. In a hotel, you can be sure that there is some safety or a certain level of defense in case things turn out to be different from what you’d expected. It will also be a good idea to let someone you trust know where you’re going and with whom you are going.

5. Respect Your Partner’s Right to Privacy

You should decide to keep personal information strictly private or you can share what you think fit to share. This will depend on how you feel with the person. The stranger you are having a one night stand with is someone you just met, and you cannot know what he can do. You’ll have more fun if you do not pry so much into each other’s private lives. This will make both of you feel protected. Because you accept to sleep with him does not mean that he should know everything about you. No matter how open-minded you may be, you still want to have the strength of knowing that you’re not revealing more than you should to someone you’re meeting just for sex. Do not surprise your partner by asking for favors or making him or her feel like he or she owes you some money. If you think you won’t be able to share the bill, let your partner know before you get started. He may not be able to handle the bill as well. A one night stand is a free sexual experience between two consenting and mature people. You should not make it feel like you were obliged.

In effect, there are no rules when it comes to one night stand. The couple involved should set some ground rules. This is because people are different. The best thing is to avoid someone who wants sex, but someone who can make you feel comfortable. Having a one night stand with someone who understands what you want is better than forcing it with one who cannot communicate properly with you. With one night stands, you have the responsibility to protect yourself. The sex experience is not a promise of a relationship, and it doesn’t guarantee that there’ll be a second time. You’ll not have any regrets if you are mindful of the above five tips when deciding on a one night stand.

Emotional Vs. Physical Cheating: Which Is Worse?


“Cheating is worse”

To cheat on someone who you are in a relationship with, you are potentially ruining the happiness that you share for good. Cheating can be very hard to get over but there are two different types of cheating and they can affect couples in different ways. A physical relationship behind a partner’s back can be highly damaging but have you ever thought about the effects that an emotional affair can cause? In some cases the betrayal can be even worse than sexual encounters with another person.

What is the difference between a physical and an emotional affair?


“What kind of affair are you in?”

If you cheat on someone physically usually it is all about a mutual attraction and wanting to have a sexual relationship with one another. There is usually a mutual understanding that no feelings are to be involved and it is completely about the physical experience. This could be as a one night stand, paying a prostitute or repeatedly meeting the similar or different people for sex. You can easily learn about how to have an affair from a website like – http://cheater-dating-guide.com/how-to-cheat/. There are numerous successful cheating tactics mentioned here to correctly guide you about affairs. They could be either physical or emotional. An emotional affair means forming a bond with someone, it might start off innocently but feelings become involved and that can be more painful to the partner than having a sordid one night stand. With an emotional affair it does not necessarily have to involve any physical cheating whatsoever. It might be online, or with an old friend but it is still wrong. When a partner discovers this kind of betrayal, many times it can spell out the end of the relationship. Emotional cheating basically means that the person cheating is not happy and wants to form a loving relationship with somebody else.

How does a man see both types of cheating compared to a woman?

Men are very visual creatures, it’s very much about sex with them and therefore they see physical cheating much worse than emotional cheating. They have very caveman like views about the opposite gender and if they find out that their partner has had sex with another man, it would kill them. This is because they would constantly be thinking: were they better than me? Women have the opposite view however and realize that although it is very painful to be cheated on at all, sex is just sex and many try and find a way to get past it. Men do not realize quite how much an emotional cheating would hurt their partner because they think that they have the same views as them in terms of cheating, so they might be likely to do it. In a recent survey however, it was discovered that most men who have affairs do it just for the excitement and the physical attraction. The majority of women who have affairs are searching for something that is currently missing from their relationship.

Which type of affair is easier to recover from?


“It is tough to recover from either of the affair type”

People react to cheating in different ways. Some people would end their relationship straight away because they cannot trust their partners again. Some people forgive their partner and give them a chance to redeem themselves. Your average woman would find physical cheating easier to forgive than emotional cheating. However, it is likely that a man would be more likely to forgive an emotional affair rather than their partner having sex with somebody else. This does not apply to everybody however; people have different ideas of what constitutes cheating and which one is worse. Physical cheating is easier to recover from on the whole because it’s just about sex. After heaps of screaming and arguing, things can be talked about and possibly fixed. If the man or woman who has cheated wants forgiveness and is truly sorry for their actions, the situation can be worked out. When a man or a woman cheat on someone emotionally it usually means that subconsciously, they want out of the relationship. If they were genuinely happy with their current situation, they would not be looking for that bond with somebody else because they would have it with their partner. This is not necessarily true for physical cheating, passion is very much in the moment and it can be regretted almost immediately after it has happened. It is not impossible to recover from emotional cheating but it is very difficult and takes hard work. It will devastate a woman to know that her man prefers somebody else’s personality over her own and that is why so many find it hard to forgive. A large amount of communication and soul searching is needed from both partners to get over an emotional affair.

How to get past cheating and be stronger than ever


“Move on and be stronger”

Time is a great healer when it comes to cheating. You might find it hard to live with somebody after one of you cheated because there will be lots of anger and paranoia. You could try having time apart to get over the betrayal, this might make you realize how much you want to make things work or it could make things go another way entirely. Cheating on somebody to get back at them for cheating on you is never okay and it will just start a vicious cycle that will leave you both feeling bitter towards each other. Marriage or relationship counseling is another great method to get over cheating. You will talk about your problems, be given advice on how to forgive the cheating and hopefully move on with a stronger partnership than ever.

Is the saying: ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ true?

Personally, I do not believe the saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ is true. Sure, there are men and women out there, who will always cheat in a relationship, but this does not apply to everybody. I know people who have cheated and then went on to have faithful and happy relationships. A person will never cheat again, if they have learnt from their mistakes and want to change. It might sound odd but sometimes cheating can help strengthen a relationship in the long term because it makes the couple realize and appreciate what they have got.

If you aren’t happy, get out!

The bottom line is that cheating is cheating – whether it is the heat of the moment, passion or a loving connection that goes on for months. When you cheat you betray your partner and the trust that you have built with one another. If you want to fool around with somebody else or have fallen out of love with your partner, give them the respect that they deserve and end the relationship before you move on with somebody else

Both kinds of cheating are difficult to get over and they are both are bad but most people agree that emotional cheating can hurt more than physical cheating. Both women and men will feel insecure if they get cheated on but a sexual encounter is easier to get over for the majority. Building a strong connection with somebody who is not your partner can hurt beyond repair. Physical cheating is wrong but it is one of those things that can sometimes “just happen”. There are many more excuses that can be used for physical cheating, such as “I was drunk” or “It just happened”. The only reason you would emotionally cheat is because you enjoy spending time with the person and have feelings for them.

Android vs. iOs vs. MS Surface: The Lowdown!

A fight between Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOs is characteristic of the Tablet market. The fight became more intense with the entry of the new competitor, MS Surface. Comparative study of web traffic from Google’s Nexus Tablets and Microsoft’s Surface Tablet revealed that Google Tablet users are generating seven times the web traffic compared to Microsoft Surface users. This shows the superiority of Google’s Tablets over that of Microsoft. The Apple iPad is in the corporate sector and is adopted mostly by executives. Apple iPad is the most suitable deal for large organizations. The Apple Tablets are even now new and non-standard whereas Microsoft is territory familiar. The organizations are quite familiar with Microsoft technologies and Microsoft is familiar with the corporate world.

The ability of Microsoft to provide patches, upgrades and applications is a great advantage of the company. However Apple lacks in these aspects. When an organization is standardized on Apple is they should not get overwhelmed when they require to installing the latest patches from Apple. Android devices are also not effective in pushing updates and patches to enterprises in the appropriate manner. However, when compared with Apple, Google with its openness is able to manage solutions and integration with mobile device management.

Microsoft has long experience in managing entry into organizations. As a result they are able to flourish in a volatile market. In the consumer market iPad has the dominance. In the hardware front Surface is really a match to iPad. Microsoft has introduced a sleek and strong Tablet and it has its own identity instead of going for comparison with Apple in order to prove its superiority.

ios vs android graph for matt

ios vs android graph for matt

The screen layout of Surface is quite different from the traditional iPad screen format. Since the screen is wider it suits better for newspaper contents. Moreover, the screen of Surface has a better appearance also. Similarity with the iPhone is a plus point for iPad. IPad has the quick response time and light weight operating system of the iPhone to its advantage. Same time, the large screen allows more content rich applications. Microsoft could make an easy to use Tablet with the best features of a traditional computer. However, iPad could not do well in these aspects.

IPad is really superb in quickly reading, flagging, filing and deleting emails. However, on Surface, these tasks are delayed. The surface has slow moving software.

Such a screen would also

Such a screen would also

When one has more productivity applications with Tablet style usage sometimes, Surface is the ideal Tablet. For reading, emailing etc. iPad is a better choice.

The market is flooded with Tablets. Every week a few new Tablets are introduced in the market. Hence the customers have now a wide range of options. As a result, only those products with outstanding quality will be able to survive.

Communicate Your Love to your Girlfriend with the gifts she will love- Three Fantastic Ideas

If you are crazy about your girl and wish to communicate your love, there are many ways you could do this. One of the most romantic gifts girls simply love is flowers, especially flowers given to them for no reason at all. Add romance and creativity to the very act of gifting.

Here are three fantastic ideas that will help convey your deepest love for your girl –

Flowers Say it All

Every flower means something special. If you wish to convey your true love to your girl, gift her with the forget-me-not. Add in a few orange or yellow roses to convey passion. You could explain the meaning through a card or even a book. Take the effort to create something exotic and unique. Show her you care a lot by being original and thoughtful in your choice of flowers. If you have the talent, you could add in a handwritten love poem with the flowers. You could start a nice practice in your relationship by gifting her with a single rose every Sunday or any day of the week. Surprise your love with a flower arrangement delivered at home or at work. To show your special girl that you want the relationship to last forever, you could gift her with growing plants.

I love all flowers all the time, but there is something special about the

I love all flowers all the time, but there is something special about the

Make Your Own Romantic Gift

You could make your girl feel very special by making your own romantic craft. This is a great idea especially at times when you are cash strapped. Taking time to make something special for her is sure to touch her heart. Think of what she would like and create a craft she will cherish. You could make a love collage that will aptly express your feelings. Cut out words and pictures from magazines to communicate your love for your girl. Cut out words such as “forever”, “sweetheart” and “love” and pictures of attractive flowers. On a large cardboard, stick a picture of the two of your at the center of the collage. You could frame the picture before gifting it to her. Other romantic craft ideas include scrapbook, bracelet and bookmark.

Fire up Your Relationship with a Romantic Bonfire

There is no better way to fire up your relationship than to organize a bonfire. Roaring bonfires on the backyard or on the beach set the ideal environment for an exciting, roaring romance. Take time building a long lasting, sturdy bonfire by using long, thick logs and dry kindling. Get some champagne or wine and glasses and do not forget to bring a blanket for huddling together with your love especially if the night turns colder. Get some delicious food to share and set the mood with romantic music on a portable stereo.

A new relationship is usually

A new relationship is usually

Dealing with life’s ups and downs effectively

In life we all experience ups and downs, but what matters the most is how you deal with them. At life presents us with positive experiences that lift us up and at times it takes us through rough patches. All these experiences whether positive or negative should make better people of us and build our personalities.

Below are some tips to help you deal with life’s ups and downs effectively

  1. Be a change

I’m sure you may have at one time or another heard Gandhi’s words and they’ve become so real because of the manner in which people keep repeating them. In life you should live according by the principles which you’d also want to see in others.


  1. The mind can heal the body

You may have heard this a thousand times where people use their minds to heal their bodies. The key here is to imagine converting a picture of your disease in a picture of a healthy body. The mind and body are connected, and each state of mind does bear magnitudes.


  1. Be open to miracles

These don’t often happen, but they do happen depending in our dreams, beliefs and hopes that help build momentum till it reaches the apex.


  1. Count your blessings

At times we get so caught up and immersed in other activities that we forget the loved ones closest to us. When do however open our eyes to this, it brings about internal joy.

Life's Little Ups and Downs

Life’s Little Ups and Downs


  1. Loving can make a difference

No matter how tough or well things become, loving can make a huge difference. Receiving a hug in the most difficult situations or receiving some reassurance that everything will be ok makes us feel much better. Love builds strength.


  1. People are integrally good in the inside

No matter how hardened a person may seem, there’s always some good inside them. Our task is to bring out this good even from our worst enemies.

  1. Have some personal time

Having balanced and quiet minds tends to make dealing with what life throws at you much easier. Make sure that you create some personal time.


  1. Resist temptation

Resist any temptation that makes you think you are small. We are all in a spiritual journey towards knowing our inner and deeper selves.


  1. Think about your decisions

It will be important to thoroughly think of what you want to do, and what you don’t want to do. You may not know this, but you concoct unconsciously and consciously what you pay attention to.

Reflective thinking gives you

Reflective thinking gives you

  1. Be positive

Being positive doesn’t always mean you focusing on achieving goals, but it can also mean that, regardless how difficult things get, you’ll get through them as there’s always a way.

Cars: Differences between Leasing and Buying

Whether to lease or to buy a car depends on the financial position as well as personal preference of the individual. Those who aspire to be the owner of a car must certainly buy the vehicle. Leasing the car will have more advantages for those who just need a car without much expense every month and can get different vehicles after every four or five years. One must learn in details about both buying and leasing of the car so that he can arrive at the proper decision. Both buying and leasing of a car have advantages and disadvantages.

When a car is leased no down payment is to be made. Since leasing is not a purchase there will be no sales tax payments also. A fixed amount is to be paid every month for the car if it is leased. But, this amount will be less than the monthly installment to be paid when the car is purchased. Since the lease agreement is usually for a period of 4 – 5 years one will have the option to get a new car at the end of every fourth or fifth year. Leasing is in fact taking the car for a monthly rent. If the car is leased one has to pay only for his use that car and he need not bear the full depreciation of the vehicle every year. Those who cannot afford to buy a car can also possess a car and use the same by way of leasing. Businessmen can have tax benefits if they use the leased car for business purposes.

Difference Between Leasing and Buying

Difference Between Leasing and Buying

However, leased car will never become own car and the user has to pay an amount for the car every month. On the expiry of the lease period the vehicle has to be returned and the user has to take another car on lease. The major disadvantage of leased car is the mileage restrictions. Those who use leased cars are restricted to have annual mileage in the range 12000 miles – 15000 miles. In case the car is used beyond that limit, they have to pay for their extra mileage at a higher rate. The insurance coverage charges for leased car is more than that for own car. Those who lease a car must be very careful about the leasing contract. One must be alert regarding the out-of-way charges that may be included as “excess wear and tear charges”.

Those who buy a car become the undisputed owner of the vehicle. Once they complete the installments they become free of the monthly payments and can sell the car whenever they want. There is no compulsion of returning the car after a period. For the owner of a car there is no mileage restriction and also the insurance charges are comparatively lower.

The Undisputed Worst Cars of

The Undisputed Worst Cars of

However, in order to own a car one has to make a down payment initially and then pay the monthly installments which are more than that of the monthly lease amount. Moreover, for those who buy the car by paying in installments by the time he completes the payment the worth of the car will be much less than the amount he paid because of depreciation. Moreover, when paid in installments one has to bear the interest charges also.

Personal circumstances alone can decide whether to lease or buy a car and advantages and disadvantages are there for both leasing and buying.

Hannibal Lecter’s Life Lessons: What the Life And Career Of Sir Anthony Hopkins Can Teach Us

The most famous role of Sir Anthony Hopkins is undoubtedly that of Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs”, “Hannibal” and “Red dragon”. But this is only one performance of the famous actor, whose career spans over 50 years, and won him the greatest honors. So it worth looking at his life for valuable lessons that, besides his talent, may explain his success. The most important of these lessons are:

* Hard work and perseverance, together with reasonable luck.

Hopkins started his career in 1960, being a total unknown. He kept working until he was noticed by Sir Lawrence Olivier, who offered him the role of his understudy. When Olivier had appendicitis and could not act for a while, he filled in getting good reviews, giving him the chance to be noticed for the first time.

* Professional attitude

One of his most well known attributes is his incredibly thorough preparation for his roles. He said in interviews that he will go over his lines as many times as necessary to fully master them, sometimes as many as 200 times. Ironically this helps him deliver his performance in the most natural way possible, almost without thought. His hard work goes into making his performance seem as if there was no work at all involved, but the role just came naturally. Interestingly Hopkins has said that despite all this effort once he work is over he forgets his lines, in contrast with other actors who remember them for many years afterwards.

Sir Lawrence Olivier

Sir Lawrence Olivier

* Diverse talents that enhance his acting

He is a talented mimic, being able to greatly vary his voice and accent. In 1991 in a restored version of Spartacus where part of the original soundtrack was lost, he voiced the part of his mentor Lawrence Olivier emulating his voice exactly. And in his most famous role, that of Hannibal Lecter, he spooked audiences and Jodie Foster by emulating and mocking her Virginia accent, cementing his character as one of Hollywood’s most unnerving villains.

His memory is also phenomenal. In Steven Spielberg’s Amistad he was able to memorize and deliver a seven page speech in one go. This impressed Spielberg so much that from that point on insisted on addressing him as Sir Anthony Hopkins throughout the rest of the shoot.

* He enjoys the honors of his profession as well as the simple things in life

His work has brought him many honors including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, multiple BAFTA awards and many others, in addition to a knighthood in his birthplace Britain. And despite the fact that he currently lives in Los Angeles, one of his greatest pleasures is to get in a car and drive across the US enjoying the vastness of the country, as well as his own anonymity.

Anthony Hopkins In Negotiations

Anthony Hopkins In Negotiations

So we see how the life and career of Sir Anthony Hopkins gives us many valuable lessons. Hard work and perseverance are necessary not only at the beginning, but throughout a person’s career. A small amount of luck does not hurt either. But professional conduct and preparation are also necessary for success. The use of any other talents that nature has provided us can also be a great benefit. And of course, all this hard work achieves us justly deserved awards and honors, it is also important that we continue to enjoy the simple things in life.